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Knowledge to grow. Knowledge to grow wings. What are the boundaries for your future?

The proposal of the University Center of Brusque – UNIFEBE is making the world its campus and the place where its students and alumni build partnerships and work.

Hence, in 2012, an Internalization Committee was created. It is a way of helping students to be aware of international opportunities and share information with other students from the university.

We promote exchanges, international work opportunities and also study trips that enrich the university experience and contribute to the development of areas such as engineering, design, social and human studies, among others.

Playing an  important role in the educational sector for over  40 years, our goal is bringing quality education to Brusque and region, providing opportunities for professional development in six main areas: Engineering and Architecture, Design and Communication, Education and Health, Business, Technology and Social Sciences.





Engineering and Architecture

Architecture and Urbanism, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Engineering

Communication and Design

Fashion Design, Graphic Design and Publicity and Advertising

Education and Health

Education, Physical Education and Psychology


Administration, Accounting Sciences, Business Management, Human Resources Management, Logistics, Process Management, Textile Production and Workplace Safety.


Information Systems

Social Sciences





UNIFEBE has a continuous offering of graduate courses for enhancing students´ growth and professional development. There are options in various fields which interact with the undergraduate courses offered by the institution and also with the needs of the regional market.

Some specialization courses already offered at UNIFEBE are: Business Administration (1991), Foundations of Education (1995), Industrial Engineering (1997), Civil Procedural Law (2000), Philosophy (2000) Strategic Business Management (2004 ), College Teacher Training (2006/2008/2013), Creation and Management of Fashion Products (2011), Business Management (2012/2013/2014), Exercise Physiology (2014), among many others.


UNIFEBE has great facilities to meet academic needs and also the external community. Study and research laboratories, living spaces, amphitheater, auditorium, computer labs, spaces for exhibitions and cultural performances, air-conditioned classrooms, academic practice centers and an administrative services building that make life at the campus easier, so that knowledge is pleasant.


Who focuses on learning and knowledge excellence needs to invest in spaces designed for this process to happen. That is the reason why UNIFEBE continually invests in laboratories that meet all the undergraduate courses needs. Altogether, there are 28 teaching and learning spaces that promote practice mediated by theory, that means, putting knowledge to the test and happening in real time for better learning.


Through scientific initiation and extension activities, UNIFEBE connects with the community and contributes to the environment in which it operates. These activities bring students near to society and enable knowledge obtained in classroom to be transformed into practice.


UNIFEBE integrates Santa Catarina Association of Educational Foundations – ACAFE, which is a network of nonprofit community colleges in the state of Santa Catarina.

This means that all money invested by the academics returns to it as improvements in infrastructure, quality of education, teacher training, and events related to the courses that the institution offers.



UNIFEBE is situated in the city of Brusque, state of Santa Catarina in southern Brazil. The institution has students from several nearby towns, preparing thousands of undergraduates for the labor market committed to quality.

Brusque is the Brazilian textile pole and the home of spinning in the country, a city in full development and aiming continuous improvement like UNIFEBE.

Meet our institution and build partnerships with us.


E-mail: internacional@unifebe.edu.br
Phone: +55 47 32117227